Wrong People at the wrong place: the place of incapable youth in Government


Let me first start by telling you the things I learnt during the week.In case you don’t know about 70 percent of Africans are below 25 Years old.

I was on my way to a meeting during the week and I heard some people talking about the youth, one of them was a youth. They were talking about the young people who are in Government.

They made mention that a former President of Nigeria, had once challenged the youth that they are not capable of handling power,because at that time, they gave a few youth the chance in Government and they messed up,like some are currently doing.

And I have been thinking about it. The only thing I realized was that the people they speak of are simply the wrong people in Power.

As a youth you do not have to be in Government before the country feel your impact; because impacting the world is not about any class or division of people in the society, it is about the individual.

Individuality is the beginning of a better Africa, if  every African youth have a positive perspective of the society, you act patriotic, the African continent will be close to perfect.

You see different youths on the Street of Lagos, people of different directions,some are even frustrated. Today I heard of the lady who committed suicide in Lagos.

The wrong people who are in the wrong place should help themselves by giving space for the right people.

Let me end this article with the late Gani Fawehinmi quote “Always stand for what is right even if you are standing alone.”


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