Youth leaders at the grassroots have started mobilizing their peers to vote for credible leaders in
the upcoming 2015 elections.

This is clearly not about the elections alone, but to ensure that the Nigerian youths are rightly
empowered after electing government leaders.

Some young Nigerians recently stormed the street of Lagos under the platform of a youth pressure
group called Advocate for Collective Transformation.
They carried placards and fliers shouting, “bad leaders are worse than Ebola”. The march, which
started from the University of Lagos ended at Yaba
bus stop, in Lagos Nigeria.

The season of uprising and youth standing for their right appears to be a norm. But not a passive norm.
The youths have demands.

“We are asking fellow youths to participate positively in the election process, because that is
the only way for Nigeria to be liberated” says Tayo Fashogbon the National President of ACT who is also championing the youth rally.

“When I was a child they told me I am the leader of tomorrow and now that I am an adult and they are
still telling me I am the leader of tomorrow. That lie is no longer accepted… that is why we are telling the youth not to be used by the bad leaders to perpetrate any evil act.” He said.

One of the leader of the rally who was mobilizing the youth at the frontline, Comrade Ajayi Isaac
Ifetoluwa, in his remark said, “the future of our youths is in jeopardy, unemployment is the problem, who will give us jobs, who will give us
money, they keep it in their houses. And we are tired of this saga of bad leaders. Its time to act.”

Adekunle Adepoju, a youth who came from Ibadan to support the rally is with the notion that “Nigerians are tired at this point. APC or PDP, they are all the
same, all of them are the same.”

Adepoju stated, “We want people to register and vote, we do not care about any political party, we know all of them. We are telling the Nigerian youth to vote in one voice.”

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