Lagos: The nature of trend


One thing that proves to be true is the fact that growing up in Lagos is fun and hard at the same time.

On Sundays when you are on your way to Church you will definitely see some young people on the field playing football, and while growing up I do think if that was the ideal way to live on a Sunday morning.

That’s not enough, on a Monday morning when you are set for school, at the bus stop you will see different people rushing to work, and I still see this young people on the Street talking sport and politics “Obasanjo is a bad leader, Tinubu is not doing enough.” “Chelsea is a bad team,  Manchester United is the best team”.

And this things I saw while I was in Primary school. Many of them will be gisting with nowhere to go,because they complain that “there is no work anywhere.” They hang on the Street, their  most resort is where construction work is going on and they will put plank on road, obstructing private and public vehicles passing with the argument that the driver of those vehicle must drop money before they have access to the other side of the road.

Even now that I am in the higher institution I still see those folks on the Street of Lagos, though they are reduced compared to then. They hang around studio kiosk listening to music and trying to record music, some of them hang around the newspaper stand on the Street, they still argue “Goodluck is the worst leader Nigeria ever had” and others will simply say “thank God you have Goodluck.”

Everything has changed compared to while I was growing up, except the structure has upgraded a little bit.We now have some levels of good road, more private schools and Government Schools upgrading their standard.

Growing up in Lagos is a different story for everyone, those things I enjoyed with friends has been taken away, then you can easily mingle with friends tell each other tales, but now everyone is scared.

The other day I met some [419] they will come to you trying to sweet talk you,but if you are not use with Lagos you will be duped.

Young people  in Lagos really need to ponder about where we are going, everything had always been about trend, young people always like to follow trend. But is Lagos really about following trend? 

photo: Reuters