Lagos: The nature of trend


One thing that proves to be true is the fact that growing up in Lagos is fun and hard at the same time.

On Sundays when you are on your way to Church you will definitely see some young people on the field playing football, and while growing up I do think if that was the ideal way to live on a Sunday morning.

That’s not enough, on a Monday morning when you are set for school, at the bus stop you will see different people rushing to work, and I still see this young people on the Street talking sport and politics “Obasanjo is a bad leader, Tinubu is not doing enough.” “Chelsea is a bad team,  Manchester United is the best team”.

And this things I saw while I was in Primary school. Many of them will be gisting with nowhere to go,because they complain that “there is no work anywhere.” They hang on the Street, their  most resort is where construction work is going on and they will put plank on road, obstructing private and public vehicles passing with the argument that the driver of those vehicle must drop money before they have access to the other side of the road.

Even now that I am in the higher institution I still see those folks on the Street of Lagos, though they are reduced compared to then. They hang around studio kiosk listening to music and trying to record music, some of them hang around the newspaper stand on the Street, they still argue “Goodluck is the worst leader Nigeria ever had” and others will simply say “thank God you have Goodluck.”

Everything has changed compared to while I was growing up, except the structure has upgraded a little bit.We now have some levels of good road, more private schools and Government Schools upgrading their standard.

Growing up in Lagos is a different story for everyone, those things I enjoyed with friends has been taken away, then you can easily mingle with friends tell each other tales, but now everyone is scared.

The other day I met some [419] they will come to you trying to sweet talk you,but if you are not use with Lagos you will be duped.

Young people  in Lagos really need to ponder about where we are going, everything had always been about trend, young people always like to follow trend. But is Lagos really about following trend? 

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Kaduna is one of the well-known states in Northern
Nigeria. It is also affected by the Boko Haram insurgency. Many of the citizens in this region live
in fear; some uneducated parents have stopped their children from going to school because of bomb
explosions by the Islamic sect.

In spite of the fear and high risk of living in Kaduna, 17 Years old Asma’u Aremu, is passionately taking the lead in cleaning and changing her community. She says she is determined to live above the fear clouding her state.

“I started having this dream of changing Kaduna while I was in [senior secondary class]” She said, “we had this class on oil spillage and  thought that we’ve let our country bad.”

She went ahead and organized a sanitation group with her classmates. They joined the
Kaduna sanitation group and since then she has been creating awareness for other young people
in Kaduna to join the project. She said her
principal had been supportive by providing
them with the tools needed for the clean-up

“It has been very difficult to get the community to help us” Aremu says, “in the north we have
alot of less privileged people…alot of people who do not think they have a future…they are
just there to collect money from other people. With my initiatives I could encourage the less
privilege to stand up for their rights.”

Asma’u says young people should start changing the environment from where they are. She said
though many people are not from rich home but the society can be maintained by the equal
contribution of everyone.

“You can’t do good stuff in a dirty environment. Nigeria is very beautiful. All we need is
government to give us good support in cleaning the society.”

She noted the need for government to enforce a law for both private and public transport vehicles to have dustbin so that no body will
litter the streets.

Asma’u also commented on the Boko Haram insurgency. “When I was growing up I could
stay outside my house with my family, but now I haven’t seen night in Kaduna because of the insecurity.”

“During the sanitation we have to get soldiers around. For the past one year soldiers have been helping us.”

Asma’u advised young people to have a positive view of Nigeria. “There is a tomorrow for
Nigeria and I am always seeing it; there is something good about Nigeria, we have smart
children, smart parents, even though many don’t
have money.”

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Wrong People at the wrong place: the place of incapable youth in Government


Let me first start by telling you the things I learnt during the week.In case you don’t know about 70 percent of Africans are below 25 Years old.

I was on my way to a meeting during the week and I heard some people talking about the youth, one of them was a youth. They were talking about the young people who are in Government.

They made mention that a former President of Nigeria, had once challenged the youth that they are not capable of handling power,because at that time, they gave a few youth the chance in Government and they messed up,like some are currently doing.

And I have been thinking about it. The only thing I realized was that the people they speak of are simply the wrong people in Power.

As a youth you do not have to be in Government before the country feel your impact; because impacting the world is not about any class or division of people in the society, it is about the individual.

Individuality is the beginning of a better Africa, if  every African youth have a positive perspective of the society, you act patriotic, the African continent will be close to perfect.

You see different youths on the Street of Lagos, people of different directions,some are even frustrated. Today I heard of the lady who committed suicide in Lagos.

The wrong people who are in the wrong place should help themselves by giving space for the right people.

Let me end this article with the late Gani Fawehinmi quote “Always stand for what is right even if you are standing alone.”



One thing which I have come to realize is that Nigerian youths are good at talking about the Government,good at pointing fingers staying at the comfort of their zone and yet they do nothing. We are eager to curse and say negative words about our leaders. We even go to the extreme in following the opposing political parties to criticize the Government,the youths are being bought by words of what is not seen.

If you look at it,do you think there is any difference between the political parties? Or do you feel anything has change with the way majority of us run our mouth? Come to think of it who are this leaders we accuse? Who are this politician we curse?

Everything can not change if the youth keep following people with propaganda,this politicians are trained to talk politics,they are trained to defend and accuse each other. And the citizens tend not to know all this things,because you are told what you want to hear.

Lets try to get this straight, majority of this media organizations are owned and controlled by top political parties,and the stories you hear are about one tackling another,just verify by following the stories of this political media house and yet you find it hard to despise and reject the lies you are being fed with.This is your country and why would you watch some people come to destroy your home land.

The youth will not get the chance in Government until they stand up that they want to be in Government,because the old people in Government are not ready to leave for the young ones to come to Government.The top is too sweet for them to come down and the youth have to know that they must stand up and go get their right.

Nelson Mandela has always cry for equality,but Africans seem to have this ego of discrimination; the haves and have not, women and men, old men giving no room for the younger generations.This discrimination thing has always been a problem,but this is the time the youth should demand for equal representation in Government,a sixty years old man calling himself the youth minister.

Nigeria has a population of about one hundred and sixty million and atleast the youth are above hundred million,so tell me,should the youth not be in Government? You should stop talking about the Government,youth need to start demanding for a place in Government.

It will be hard for the youth to be in Government if youth are not ready to stand and request for a place,the system need to be restructured and the land need new blood of leaders,the era of this old men is gone,they are buying time and stealing our money,but youth have to let them know that their time is up.